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What is Links?

Links is a text-based browser with support for HTML tables and frames. [Cropped screenshot of this page (PNG/8k).]

Links provides:

  • a light and stable alternative to the big GUI browsers;
  • a colour terminal (X11/GUI or console);
  • lightning-fast loading and rendering of pages;
  • bookmarks, rebindable keys, multi-language support, multiple character sets;
  • background downloads (with multiple simultaneous connections);
  • support for FTP (not passive FTP) and LOCALFILE protocols, HTTP and FTP proxies;
  • SSL support since version 0.94.

Links (written and maintained by Mikulas Patocka) is free software released under the GNU General Public License <>.

Links' Variants

In addition to the original, stable Links browser by Mikulas, there are a few variants being developed.

  • ELinks: Based on Links 0.96, Elinks is maintained by Petr Baudis. For information about releases and additional features, visit Unlike Links, ELinks is being actively developed.
  • Links(2): Derived from Links-0.92, and the experimental wb0 graphics browser, Links (version 2) provides a fast graphics browser that runs both on X11 and the Linux console framebuffer. For more information and downloads, visit the Twibright Labs Links' homepage.
  • Links-hacked: Sergey Karpov has merged some ELinks features into Links2. Visit the Links Hacked Project for more information.

Links Download

The latest Links release is version 0.98; pre-releases of version 0.99 are also available.

Source and binary versions are available at the following sites. For operating systems other than Linux and OS/2, the binaries may not be of the most recent release.

Primary Site

Prague, Czech Republic (Author's site)

Download Mirrors

Berlin, Germany
[Note: Contains every single tarball release made by Mikulas. Also, the "links-current" naming convention is obsolete so don't use it.]
California, USA
Sourceforge mirrors (Europe/North America)
* Source code only *
[Note: Added February 2003, therefore download statistics are low or zero for most releases.]


[Required for SSL support in Links (>= 0.94pre4)]

Other downloads

MacOSX packages (.pkg.tgz) Networking apps
Package: Links-0.96.pkg.tgz
HPUX ported binaries / source app list
links-0.98 page: Source / binary
Debian packages (.deb)
Note: These Debian Links packages are in fact ELinks. Stable (with SSL)
Mini Linux distributions (with Links)
Trinux: (See Trinux Tools page for more info.)
Nuclinux: or alternatively,


Patches and Bug Reports

Patches and contributions should be submitted to the Links mailing list.

For the most recent version of Links, bug reports should be sent to the list. For older versions of Links, check the ChangeLog for fixes before submitting a report.

Other info


Screenshots of Links (in JPEG and PNG formats) are available at the following locations:


A web-based HTML manual is available for the earlier 0.8x versions of Links. This can be browsed from Links's Help -> User's manual menu or directly from here.

Alternatively, you can download the full manual in the following compressed archive formats:

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